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The Ink Tank wireless 410 printer gets up to 6000 black or 8000 color pages at a very low cost per page. Thousands of pages can be printed using an high-capacity ink tank system. The ink levels can be restored using resealable bottles and spill-free refill system. The refilling process can be done very easily. The printer supports wireless connectivity and color copy capability is available. Mobile printing services are allowed using HP eprint. It supports input capacity of 50 sheets and output capacity of 25sheets. It has an Automatic Document Feeder capacity. Get darker, fade resistant photos and printing can be done even without borders.


The best procedures and instructions can be obtained from the printer installation guide. The user guide also called as a manual or a start-up guide contains the instructions about the specified aspects and also the overview of the product you have purchased. It is associated with computer hardware, software and electronic components.

  1. The queries and doubts regarding your printer can be clarified by taking a glance at the user guide and recover the issues.
  2. The manual can be obtained as a hard copy while purchasing or the soft copy can be downloaded from the website.
  3. The guide provides setup procedures, troubleshooting steps, and their solutions. The frequent printer issues can be solved by the solutions given in the manual.
  4. The printer manual contains steps on how to get started, print, using web services, steps on how to copy and scan, manage the ink and printheads, connection to the printer and solving problems.
  5. The various procedures given in the manual are mentioned below. Steps on how to load the paper into the main input tray.
  6. How to print and solve problems regarding printing, installing, replacing the ink and toner levels, etc.
  7. The features of the control panel, control panel light, and display icon status, how to load media, changing the default paper size, open the HP printer software are given.
  8. Printing from the computer, mobile devices, print using HP Smart APP, tips for successful printing. Using web services, eprint are mentioned.
  9. Steps on how to scan using the HP Smart App, HP printer software, tips for scan success. Solve scan, print, copy, network and connection issues.
  10. Connecting the printer, how to check ink levels, refilling the ink tanks, print with black ink only are the details given in the installation guide.


The printer setup process generally involves the installation of the driver device. A driver is necessary for a printer because it acts as an interface between the software interface and hardware component. It identifies printing devices and configures them automatically. It coverts data to a form specific to the printer.

  1. Set up your printer for connecting it to a windows computer using a USB cable. Install the full feature HP driver to get the most supporting features from a USB connected printer.
  2. The printer software and driver can be downloaded from the website. Delete any previously installed printer versions to setup the USB connection.
  3. Ensure the printer is ON and is in steady state, Obtain a USB cable of fewer than 3 meters. A USB port is available on your computer.
  4. If you connect through the hub or docking station the printer might not function properly. If you have connected the USB cable before installing the driver then remove the printer from the list by disconnecting the USB cable.
  5. Do not connect the cable until prompted. Search for Devices in windows and select Devices and Printers control panel settings. In windows, the extension used is .exe for the setup file.
  6. Right-click the icon and select Remove device. Remove all the printers if multiple printers exist. Install the driver and choose the connection type as USB.
  7. In HP support Software and Driver downloads confirm the operating system. If Let’s identify your product page gets displayed.
  8. Select Printer type your model number and tap Submit. The results page opens with default operating system selected.
  9. Click Change if you want to change the operating system. In driver tap Download for the full software package or select Basic Drivers for other options.
  10. When prompted by the installer choose the connection type as USB and complete the setup. Try print, scan or any other printer function.


The USB printer setup for a MAC is very much similar to a MAC device. This also involves installation of the driver device. A driver is also called as a processor allows applications to do printing without knowing the technical details of every printer model. The basic functions of the printer are also carried out by the driver device.

  1. Download the latest version of the driver device to get the most supported features from a USB connected printer.
  2. Ensure the requirements for the USB connection setup and driver installation. Check whether the printer is ON and is in steady state.
  3. Your USB cable should be less than 3m. There is a port available on your computer. If you connect through the hub or docking station the printer might not receive enough power.
  4. Disconnect the USB cable from the computer and do not connect it until the driver installation prompts you to do so. The setup file extension is .dmg for MAC devices.
  5. Depending upon the operating system version and printer a full feature driver or HP Easy Start Installation Guide or install the driver from Apple Software Update.
  6. Enter your printer model and click Begin. After the download completes follow the instruction to setup the printer.
  7. If the download fails then install the driver from the HP website. For MAC devices instead of download, select Learn More to view steps to install the printer driver.
  8. In printer connection type select USB. On the Install screen ensure that the HP Scan or HP Easy Scan is selected to enable the scan functionality.
  9. Add your printer name to the queue. Select Use or Print Using menu choose the name of your printer in the pop-up menu.
  10. Click Add and return to the installer to finish the installation. Try to carry out any of the printer functions.


Troubleshooting is a kind of problem-solving technique often used to repair failed products or processes in a system or a machine. The troubleshooting finally requires the confirmation that the product is in working state. These can be identified by the error messages that appear on the control panel of the computer or printer. Check the power supply, use the same power cord given during purchasing, install cartridges that are compatible with your printer. Update the firmware and clean the electrical contacts for proper connections.


The Blinking Lights and ‘e’ errors can be identified by the messages that get displayed on the control panel of the printer. Find the pattern of blinking lights you are experiencing and follow the procedures to resolve the issue. There are various control panel buttons and lights and icons on the control panel like wireless button or light, Wi-Fi direct or status light, Copy Color button, power button, printhead alert light, resume button, information button etc. Any malfunctions result in the blinking of the lights. Follow the procedures given in the website to solve these problems or contact the technical support.


The blinking lights and errors occur when the connection is ON but the printer cannot find a signal for the connection. There are several flashing or blinking lights on the printer that blinks due to several reasons. The pattern of blinking lights indicates where the issue is and we can resolve them. Visit the support page for more details about the blinking lights.


  1. Wireless light blinks, wireless icon, wireless attention icon are ON: This condition occurs when the printer cannot find a wireless signal. Wait until the printer establishes a wireless connection. If the printer establishes the connection then troubleshooting can be stopped. If the wireless light continues to blink follow the next step.
  2. Check whether the network is having a good signal strength. A printer is in sleep or standby mode. Ensure the printer is placed in a correct place next to the router. A nearby radio signal might also interrupt the connection. Check VPN or firewall is preventing the connection. Now try connecting the printer to the network.
  3. Wireless light blinks, wireless icon is ON, wireless attention icon blinks: Wait until the printer establishes a connection. If the wireless light blinks slowly when attempting to connect to the access point wait for few minutes and check the light again.
  4. If the issue continues, check whether the wireless connection is active or printer is in sleep or standby mode. The printer should not be very far from the router. Check if any network is preventing the printer from accessing the network. Connect the printer to the network and check whether the error is resolved.
  5. Error ‘A’ displays: If A blinks on the control panel of the printer and the printer is silent. This indicates that the printer has printed an alignment page, it is waiting to scan the page complete the alignment. Lift the scanner lid and place the alignment page with the printing side facing the right-front corner of the scanner glass.
    Close the scanner lid. Position the alignment page according to the guides around the scanner glass. Close the scanner lid again and on the control panel of your printer press the Start Copy Color button.
  6. Error ‘P’ displays: After the printheads are installed and the printer is silent and a P blinks on the control panel indicates that the printer was interrupted during the priming the ink system. Continue the priming process by pressing and holding the Resume button for 3 seconds.
  7. All lights are OFF and the printer does not respond: These situations occur when the printer is OFF or when there is a problem with the power supply. Press the power button and turn on the printer.
  8. Make sure that the power cord is correctly inserted and check if the cord is plugged in properly at the electrical outlet. Now turn ON the printer, If the printer does not turn on, then plug out the power cord from the cable or extension strip and directly connect the cord to the wall outlet.
  9. Make sure that the electrical outlet works now turn ON the printer. If the printer still does not work then test the power using a compatible power cord of a different printer. Stop troubleshooting if the issue is resolved. If the printer is ON when the alternate cord is used the issue is with the power cord replace it. If the issue still persists even after following the above steps then service the printer.
  10. Error icon, one or both printhead icons and the printer alert headlight light blinks: This kind of problem occurs when one or both the printheads needs attention or is missing, damaged, faulty, incorrect or incompatible. To resolve the printhead issue go to an ‘Incompatible’ or ‘Ink Cartridges Missing’ error display message for detailed information.
  11. Resume light, Error icon, Paper Error Icon, are on: This error occurs when there is no paper in the main input tray. Open the main input tray and slide the width guide all towards its left side.
  12. Load enough white paper into the tray and slide the stack of paper down and slide the paper width guide against the edges of the paper. Pull the output tray out and raise the paper extender.
  13. HP eprint light blinks: This condition occurs when the printer is not connected to the web services server Load the paper into the tray and press the Wireless and Information button at the same time.
  14. The network configuration page prints. Find the IP address listed as URL(S) for Embedded Wireless Server. Open a web address window and type the IP address in the browser’s address bar and click Enter.
  15. In the Home tab select Web Services. Under the Web Services Settings select Setup and click Continue. Accept the terms of use and turn on the web services and click Next. The printer looks for updates and prints a Web Information Page.
  16. Error ‘1’ displays and the Resume light blinks: This error occurs when the paper settings in the driver of the printer do not match the paper loaded in the printer. Look in ‘Paper Mismatch’ error (Mac) or ‘Paper Mismatch’ error (Windows) for more detailed information on how to resolve the issue.
  17. ‘Error 2 displays’: This error occurs when the printer attempts to print a single page or multi-page print job and the paper length selected in the printer settings does not match the length of the paper placed in the tray.
    The printer prints the first page with errors. Cancel the print job and change the settings by pressing the Cancel button. Go to Printing and Change Print Settings (Mac) or Go to Printing and Change Print Settings (Windows) to change the paper size.
  18. ‘Error 3 displays and the Resume light blinks’: When there is a printer carriage jam an E3 error occurs. Go to carriage jam error for information on how to clear a print carriage jam.
  19. ‘Error 4’ displays, and the Paper Error icon, Resume light, and Printhead Alert light blink: When there is paper jam an E4 error occurs. Go to Paper Jam error for detailed information on how to resolve the issue.
  20. ‘Error 5’ displays and all lights on the control panel blink: This error occurs when there is a problem in the scanning process. Switch OFF the printer for 15 seconds and ON it again to resolve the scanning error. Check the lights on the control panel. Try to scan again. Look in Network Scanner Connection is Lost (Windows) or Network Scanner Connection is Lost (Mac) for more information or check USB Scanner Connection is Lost (Windows) or USB Scanner Connection is Lost (Mac) for steps to solve the issue.
  21. ‘Error 6’ displays and all the lights blink: This kind of error occurs when the printer is in error state. Reset the printer by turning ON the printer. Wait until the printer is silent. Disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet and printer and wait for a minute.
  22. Reconnect the power cord to the printer and outlet. The printer gets ON automatically if not turn ON the printer. Plug the printer directly into the outlet to ensure that the power sources functions properly. Disconnect the cord and plug it directly into the socket. Reconnect the cord back to the printer and check whether the error is solved. If not try a different electrical outlet.
  23. ‘Error 9’ displays and an Ink System Maintenance page prints: This error occurs when the ink system maintenance is required. View the Ink System Maintenance page prints which contain steps on how to open and close the printhead access door and solve the issue.
  24. Open and close the printhead access door three to four times to maintain the best quality of ink and remove any ink buildup.
  25. Service the printer: If you have done with all the above steps and the problem still persists service or replace the printer.
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