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The printer comes with an input capacity of up to 60 sheets and supports 20 input cards. It has an output capacity of 25 sheets. A4, B5, A6, DL envelope are the media sizes supported. The automatic document feeder capacity is not available. HP Auto-Off is the energy saving technology used in this printer. The texts are printed in a darker, crisper way and it features borderless printing. Contact Image Sensor (CIS) is the scanner technology and has a flatbed scanner. Color copy capability is available. It is specified to be used for home and office purposes. Using this high capacity ink tank system thousands of pages can be printed. Wireless connection is unavailable. The photos printed are fade resistant and the documents last for a longer duration.


The printer driver also called as a print processor converts the data to be printed to a form relevant to the printer device. The driver device allows printing to be done without knowing the technical details of the printer. The driver can be installed through the CD drive. Place the CD into the drive of the PC or Laptop. A set of files appears. Enable AutoPlay feature to display the files automatically. The extension is .exe for windows and .dmg for MAC. Choose the printer and add your printer name to the list. If not type the printer name and add it to the list. Another method is to click the link and install the driver from the website. Select the setup file and add the printer to the queue. The latest version and updates on the driver are available on the website. Try to print any test report.


A test page is used to check whether the printer and computer can communicate with each other. A test page provides useful information about the printer. Printing a page from the printer’s control panel is a helpful troubleshooting step. The first step is tap the stack of paper on a flat surface and align them. Load the paper into the tray. Move the paper until it reaches the guide. Do not press the guide as it results in bending of the paper. Press the power button and turn ON the printer. On the control panel press the Start Copy black button and the Start copy colored button at the same time the test page starts printing. If the test page prints correctly indicates that the printer is working properly. If you have problems in printing it might be due to the software or your connection or in the computer. The test page prints about the errors in your printer. The model number, serial number, firmware version are also printed on the test page.


The issues or errors in a printer can be solved by troubleshooting. There are many reasons that might cause problem to the printer. The error messages that are displayed on the control panel of the printer indicates the various issues on the device. Check the power supply if the printer stops working unexpectedly. Make sure that you use the power cord provided during shipment of the printer. Check whether the cord is connected properly to the printer and socket. Use cartridges compatible with your printer and install them correctly if any error occurs. The firmware must be updated if no messages are displayed on the control panel. Make it a point to clean the electrical contacts as dirty contacts leads to faults in the electrical connection.


  1. The printer might display an error message if the printheads are not installed properly. Follow the steps indicated on the control panel.
  2. Close the output tray extender and rotate the tray towards the left stow it in the printer. First open the exterior door then, open the printhead access door.
  3. Press and hold the Black color copy button for three seconds if the carriage is not visible on the printer.
  4. The carriage moves to the center of the printer. Move the blue carriage latch gently the carriage gets opened.
  5. Press on the printhead slightly to release it and pull the printhead out of its slot. Ensure that the plugs on the top head of the printer are removed.
  6. Move the printhead at a slight upward position into the empty slot and gently push the printhead.
  7. Check whether the tape from the printhead contacts has been removed. Do not touch the ink nozzles or the copper colored contacts.
  8. Move the printhead at a slight upward position into the empty slot and gently push the printhead.
  9. Place the tri-colored head on the left and the black color printhead on the left. Close the blue carriage latch and the exterior door.
  10. Reset the printer by disconnecting the power cord atleast for 60 seconds and reconnect it. If the error is not resolved service the printer.


  1. If the quality of a printed document or photo is not good as expected. The procedure will help you with the same.
  2. Use genuine HP printheads and ink as the quality of a non HP ink cannot be guaranteed. Purchase only compatible replacement inks.
  3. Check the ink levels if print quality is impacted. During printing do not let the ink levels fall below the minimum printing line.
  4. Ensure that your using the appropriate paper for your print job. Load the paper in a way that the smoother side is the print side and sometimes the non print side as a logo in it.
  5. Use wrinkle-free paper for your project. Ensure the print settings are right, and try to print the job. Check any ink smears on the back of the printouts by holding the power button press the Cancel button three times and Start Color Copy Button eight times and release the power button.
  6. The page gets printed slowly the printer might make some noise. Wait until the paper gets ejected from the printer.
  7. Examine the page. If not print a print quality diagnostic page by holding the Copy Color button for 3 seconds.
  8. Check the color boxes and black box for fading, missing colors. Use the HP software to run the printhead cleaning utility.
  9. If the print quality issues still persists replace the printheads. Contact the technical support to replace the printheads or go to Replacing Printheads if you have new printheads available.
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