123.hp.com/laserjetpro m180nw

123.hp.com/laserjetpro m180nw

123.hp.com/laserjetpro m180nw Printer Setup

This HP Laserjet Pro M180nw printer is designed for enhanced productivity at a great value that also allows you to print high-quality color documents with great ease. The MFP M180nw printer can print, scan and copy. It also supports mobile printing. The input tray has a paper capacity up to 150 sheets. Connect your iOS or Android device to the same Wi-Fi network as your wireless 123.hp.com/laserjetpro m180nw printer.


Functions: Print, scan and copy

Monthly duty cycle: 30,000 pages

Connectivity: Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port; built-in fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX network port, Built-in Dual Band 802.11ac

Compatible systems: Windows and Mac

Energy efficiency: ENERGY STAR qualified

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HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M180nw PRINTER Software and Drivers Download

To download the driver, make sure that you have the CD that came with the 123.hp.com/laserjetpro m180nw printer. If you have lost the CD, you’ll need to find another way to install the software. Ensure that you download the full-feature driver to access the complete printer functionality. Click on the link on our website to download the software for your PC. Note that the driver file for your Mac PC will be in the .dmg format and .exe is the file format for your Windows PC.

Ascertain that you download the printer application and setup file and then connect the USB cable to the HP MFP M180nw printer.

Now, ensure that you check if the PC is on and then unzip the software’s folder on your Windows system. Proceed to the next step.

Choose a location and then tap Extract Here. On your Mac PC, ensure that you simply double-click the folder to open it.

Now, follow the prompts on the screen to complete the installation process. Tap Add a printer and then click Next to locate the printer driver.

For any further information or support, do not hesitate to reach us on the Toll-free number. Our experts are here to guide you.

In order to download the printer driver using setup file, primarily download the setup file and then use a compatible USB cable to connect the printer.

Ascertain that the PC is on and then install the driver. Now, to activate the installation wizard, make sure that you run the setup file.

Ensure that you follow the on-screen prompts to complete the download process once your 123.hp.com/laserjetpro m180nw printer is detected. Now, move on to the next step.

Once the driver download process is complete, it’s time to try printing something. Ensure that you print a test page to check the status of the printer.

In order to download the printer driver manually, ensure that you select the Add a printer option in your Windows PC.

HP Laserjet Pro M180nw Mobile printing

HP Laserjet Pro M180nw Air Print

Verify if you have an Apple iOS device running on iOS 4.2 or later and an 123.hp.com/laserjetpro m180nw Printer supporting Air print such as the HP wireless printers released in 2010.

Now, check if the printer is connected to the same network as Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod. Ensure that you check the Updates section of the App Store.

It is mandatory to check if the printer is closely associated with the Wi-Fi router. For better connectivity, make sure that you move it closer to the router.

Now, wait for a few moments before giving the print option, once you update the printer and Wi-Fi router.

Ensure that you assemble the wireless connection. In order to print from Apple iOS device, choose your printer model and then change the necessary settings.

HP Laserjet Pro M180nw ePrint

Make sure that the wireless feature is on and also that the printer is connected to the same network as your MFP M180nw printer.

Note that the printer may get through the Internet with web-connected printing services, such as HP e-Print when initiating Web Services from the panel.

Now, turn on the Web Services and then wait for the printer to print the Important 123.hp.com/laserjetpro m180nw Printer Setup Instructions page.

After turning the Web Services if you find any delay in printing the information page, turn off the Web Services and then turn it on again.

If you find that the printer email address is not displayed on the information page, then note that the printer’s email address is the printer claim code.

HP Laserjet Pro M180nw Wi-Fi Direct

The foremost step is to check if the Wi-Fi radio is on and then connect to HP wireless direct or Wi-Fi Direct.

Ensure that the name format used by HP wireless direct and Wi-Fi Direct are different. Provide the WPA2 password when prompted.

Note that Wi-Fi Direct always uses a WPA2 passphrase and without WPA2 security, it cannot turn on.

Note that when connected to the Wi-Fi Direct, it requires no additional software installation.

For any further information or support, do not hesitate to call us on the Toll-free number. Our tech support team is here to assist you.

HP Laserjet Pro M180nw Google Cloud Print

To print with Google Cloud Print, ensure that you first set up your printer with Google Cloud Print from a computer or mobile device.

Note that you can print from an Apple iOS device, but first Google Cloud Print must be set up from a Chromebook or computer.

To connect your 123.hp.com/laserjetpro m180nw printer to Google Cloud Print through the Chrome browser on a Google Chromebook or Windows, turn on the printer.

Load paper in the input tray and then ensure that the ink or toner cartridges are installed. Check if the printer is connected to the same network as your PC.

On your computer or Chromebook, make sure that you open the Chrome browser, then sign in to your Google account and then follow the prompts.

123 HP Laserjet Pro M180nw Scan Setup

HP Laserjet Pro M180nw Scan setup (Windows)

Make sure that you have installed the software and driver. If you have not installed, download it as soon as possible.

Now, follow the guided setup instructions to connect the printer and when prompted to select software to install, choose the recommended option.

Ensure that you place the document or photo printed side down on the scanner glass and then close the scanner lid.

Now, try to scan from your MFP M180nw printer. Ensure that you click a shortcut that matches the file type and then change any available settings.

Ensure that you click OK or the Save icon in the shortcut to save the settings. Repeat the above steps for each scan shortcut based on your preferences.

HP Laserjet Pro M180nw Scan setup (Mac)

Make sure that you type your printer model and then follow the on-screen prompts to download and launch the software to set up the printer connection.

Ensure that you place the document or photo printed side down on the scanner glass and then carefully close the scanner lid. Now, try to scan from the printer.

Ensure that you search Mac for the scan option and then click HP Easy Scan in the list of results to open the app.

Now, select your 123.hp.com/laserjetpro m180nw printer name from the Scanner drop-down menu, then select a scan job type from the Presets menu and then tap Scan.

Ensure that you click the thumbnail version of the scanned item, then click Edit to adjust colors and then tap Send.

HP Laserjet Pro M180nw Wireless Setup

The fundamental step is to check if you have the network name and password and then turn on the router, printer and system.

Now, ensure that the PC and printer are connected to the same HP Laserjet Pro M180nw wireless network and that they are placed close to each other.

If required, disconnect any USB or Ethernet cable from the printer and once the connection is complete, connect to the wireless network.

On your Windows, to set up and manage the printer wireless connection, note that the Wireless Setup Wizard provides an accessible way for it.

Ensure that the printer is on, then tap the Wireless icon on the printer’s control panel to display the Wireless Summary on your printer screen.

Tap Settings, then select the Wireless Setup Wizard icon and then follow the prompts on the screen to connect the 123.hp.com/laserjetpro m180nw printer to this network.

Now, choose the printer model from the list that appears on the control panel, then tap start and then to download the driver, select Open, Save or Run.

On your PC, ensure that you install the driver by double-clicking the driver file in the browser downloads bar or in the Downloads folder.

Ensure that you follow the prompts on the screen to complete the connection setup and driver installation.

For any clarifications or support, contact our experts on the Toll-free number. We provide you quick solutions.

HP Laserjet Pro M180nw Printer – Troubleshooting

123 HP LJP M180nw Print issue

Make sure that you use genuine HP toner cartridges to assure good quality print of a document.

As the paper quality and type can affect the print job, ensure that it meets the given specifications.

Now, choose your control panel display type, then check if the toner cartridge is low on ink to replace it.

Check the EconoMode setting. It is a setting that uses less toner but it reduces the print quality.

Now, check the print settings to ensure that they are appropriate. Print a cleaning page and then check the cartridge, memory chip and imaging drum for any damage.

123 HP LJP M180nw Paper jam

Make sure that you use a flashlight to clear jammed paper from the ADF, from the output bin area, from the input tray area and from the fuser area.

If you have removed all jammed paper from the printer and the error persists, make sure that you reset the printer.

In few situations, a paper jam error may persist even if there is no jammed paper. Reset the printer to clear a false paper jam error.

Wait until the warm-up period of the printer completes Now, move on to the next step.

Try to print again to ensure that the hardware functions correctly. If the problem persists, service the 123.hp.com/laserjetpro m180nw printer.

HP Laserjet Pro M180nw Toner Cartridge error

Step 1: It is recommended to use genuine HP ink or toner supplies as the quality or reliability of non-HP or refilled cartridges cannot be guaranteed.

Step 2: Make sure that you check the toner cartridge and printer for any packing materials and paper as it may be causing the error message.

Step 3: Due to the fact that jammed paper or debris may cause the error message, check other areas in the printer where jammed paper may occur.

Step 4: Note that the toner cartridge may have a faulty connection to the printer. It is advisable to use a lint-free cloth to clean the toner cartridge contact (E-label).

Step 5: If cleaning the E-label did not resolve the issue, make sure that you reset the printer. If the issue persists, replace the toner cartridge.

HP Laserjet Pro M180nw Wireless issue

(i)Make sure that you reboot your 123.hp.com/laserjetpro m180nw printer and wireless router to resolve any connectivity issues. Use the WPS to automatically connect the printer to the router.

(ii)Place the printer and PC closer to the router and print a Wireless Network Test report from the control panel. Proceed to the next step.

(iii)Now, print a Network Configuration Page, then obtain your wireless router IP address and then change the network channel.

(iv)Also, change the wireless network name to resolve connectivity issues. If the issue persists, move on to the next step.

(v)Check for and turn off any additional routers, then print a Network Configuration Report to evaluate the IP address and then update the printer firmware.

HP Laserjet Pro M180nw Scan image issue

(i)The foremost step is to confirm that the issue is not print related. Note that the steps below do not apply to quality issues that occur when printing from the PC.

(ii)Lines may be caused due to fingerprints, dust or debris on the scanner glass, under the scanner lid or in the document. Clean these parts with a lint-free cloth.

(iii)Note that resetting the 123.hp.com/laserjetpro m180nw printer can force some types of scanners to calibrate, which may fix the problem. Carefully remove any items from the scanner glass and ADF.

(iv)Scan quality issues may occur due to dust or paper residue on the rollers or separator pad inside the ADF. Carefully clean the ADF rollers and separator pad.

(v)If the issue persists, change the scan settings to increase resolution, adjust the color palette or increase the contrast.