HP AMP 120 Printer

123 HP AMP 120 Printer

HP AMP 120 is an ultra-compact printer. It is compact in size that saves space by placing it on a desk or shelf. The printer satisfies the main function that is printing and scanning features. Charge your mobile phones using the USB charging station. Attend the phone calls and answer them by pairing it with Bluetooth. Listen to music from the favorite app after pairing the printer with your mobile phones. Enjoy the excellent audio quality and booming bass with the help of the Smart Amp technology. Its flexible connection options are USB and Wireless. Connect the printer to a wireless network to print photos or documents wirelessly. Use the Instant Ink feature to save the ink up to 50%.Receive the ink at your doorstep.

Hp AMP 120 Printer

123 HP AMP 120 Printer – Specs

  1. Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems
  2. Uses two cartridges -tri-color and black
  3. Print speed for black cartridge is up to 7.8 papers per minute
  4. Print speed for color cartridge is up to 5.5 papers per minute
  5. Use HP ePrint and AirPrint app to print from any location
  6. Use the Wireless Direct feature to connect to a network without a router
  7. Support various media types from papers to envelopes
  8. The paper capacity for input tray is 60 sheets
  9. The paper capacity for output tray is 25 sheets
  10. Monitor or order ink straight using the HP Smart app

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Hp AMP 120 Printer – Ink Cartridge

Ink Cartridge Support

Ink cartridge is one of the necessary components required for a printer. Without inserting the ink cartridge, printing is impossible. Use genuine and compatible ink cartridges for obtaining quality printouts. Ink cartridges are designed with fraud protection. Scan the QR code in the cartridge for examining whether the cartridge is original or duplicate. For purchasing or ordering ink cartridges, visit HP Sure supply to get an authentic one.

Prior to ordering an ink cartridge, examine the ink level in it. Use HP Smart App or HP Print and Scan Doctor to estimate the ink level. From the control panel of the printer, examine the ink level.Find the ink icon on the control panel, it provides the details of the ink level in the cartridge. Enroll your printer’s name in HP Instant Ink to save up to 50% of ink cartridge costs. During the inserting process, remove the protective tape on the cartridge to avoid unnecessary cartridge issues.

Replacing Ink Cartridge

Go through the basic prompts given below to replace the HP cartridge with a new one.

  • Replacement of ink cartridge is carried out when the ink level is critically low. Due to the incompatible ink cartridges is also the reason for replacing.
  • Switch on the printer. Open the ink cartridge access door. After opening, the carriage moves to the middle of the printer.
  • On the cartridge holder, view both ink cartridges. Press on top of the cartridge to move it out of its slot.
  • After removing, clean the dust or debris accumulated in the cartridge using a damp cloth or use an automated tool to clean the cartridges.
  • Take out the new ink cartridge from packaging. Discard the protective tape on the top of it .Place the cartridge into its respective slot.
  • Insert color cartridge on the left side of the slot and black cartridge on the right slot. Redo the same procedures for other cartridges.
  • Once the installation is done, try to print a test page to examine whether the installation is done properly.

HP AMP 120 Printer – Wireless Printing Setup

Are you looking for the steps to connect your AMP 120 printer to the wireless network? Make sure that you have the network name and password and then follow the steps given below.

  • Wireless connection is one of the secure modes of connecting the printer to a network. Gather the network name and password for the connection process.
  • Get the password from the bottom of the router or from the documentation of the ISP. Use a unique network name to avoid confusion with the surrounding networks.
  • Both network name and password are case-sensitive. While typing the details, do not make any mistakes. It may lead to the connection issue.
  • Turn on the printer, system and the router. In case the printer is not in on state, press the Power button to turn on the devices.
  • Connect the printer and the system to the same wireless network. Get the maximum signal strength by moving both devices close to the router.
  • Use the Wireless Setup Wizard method to list out the list of available network names from the surrounding.
  • Select the Wireless Setup Wizard option under the Network Settings menu. Wait for the Wireless Summary screen to display.
  • Choose your network name and type the password, if the installer prompts. Solid wireless light on the printer’s control panel indicates connection establishment.
  • In case the network name is not enlisted, download and install the driver from our website. After the installation, you can view the network name.
  • Based on the on-screen prompts, select the network name and type the password. Once you are done with the step, the printer is connected to a network.

123 Hp AMP 120 Printer -Software Installation

For Windows

Follow the basic guidelines given below on how to download the printer software using Windows Update or when connected to a different subnet.

  • The first method is to use a software installation CD to avail all functionality of the printer. Place the CD on the system’s disc drive.
  • Wait for a while for the system to detect the CD and it automatically reads the list of contents in it.
  • Select the .exe setup file from the list and double-click on it . After a second, the installation process starts automatically.
  • Another method to install the driver is to download it from our website. Click the link provided by us.
  • After clicking, the compatible setup file gets downloaded automatically. In certain cases, provide the required information for the download process.
  • The information includes the printer name and the version of the operating system. Based on this criteria, the setup file is downloaded.
  • If the zip file is getting downloaded, extract the individual files from it. Double-click the setup file to start the installation process.
  • While downloading, ensure that the printer is not switched off and the internet connection is stable. This matters at the time of the installation process too.
  • It is suggested to download the updated printer driver to get all latest features in the printer.
  • Based on the on-screen prompts, the installation process gets started automatically. In case of any issues during the process, call our toll-free number.

For Mac

It is advisable to download the full-feature driver to access the complete printer functionality. You can also select the link on our website to download the software for your PC. Go through the prompts given below.

  • There are two methods to install the printer driver in a Mac system. One method is to use a software installation CD in the printer’s package.
  • When you choose the first option, place the CD on the computer’s disc drive located on the CPU.
  • Wait for a second for the system to read the list of files in the CD. From the list, select the .dmg file.
  • Double-click on it to start the installation process. In case the file is corrupted, download the driver from our website.
  • Type the required information in the search bars to get the suitable driver for the printer and download it from the provided link.
  • Click the link and the driver gets automatically downloaded based on the operating system .
  • At the time of the installation process, do not turn off the printer and the system. Make sure that there is a stable internet connection.
  • When the internet connection is unstable, download or installation process fails abruptly.
  • After the installation process, choose the mode of connection as Wired or Wireless based on the printer’s features.
  • Depending on the on-screen prompts, complete the installation process and then try to print a test page.

Hp AMP 120 Printer – USB Printing Setup

USB connection is one of the easiest modes of connecting the printer and the system. Use a standard USB cable that is consigned in the printer’s shipment box. Prior to beginning the connection process, check for any defects in the cable. Replace it, when the cable is faulty. Do not connect many devices to the USB hub or docking station. It may result in insufficient power supply to all connected devices. Eliminate the unused printer devices from the list of available devices.

Connect one end of the cable to the rear of the printer and the other end to the USB port on the system. View the printer’s name in the list of available devices after the connection process. If you are unable to view the printer’s name, download the printer driver and software from our website. Type the required details in the tabs provided. Click the link to get the setup file based on the version of the operating systems. For a Windows OS, get the .exe setup file and for Mac, get the .dmg setup file. After the download process, start the installation and complete it based on on-screen prompts.


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