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123 HP Deskjet 3755 First time printer setup

  • Remove any tape and packaging material from the printer and its components.
  • You will need a cable to connect the printer to the computer if you opt for the wired connection.
  • Attach the paper support to the printer. Open the document cover and maintenance cover.
  • Slide out the transportation lock and release the scanner carriage.Connect the power cord to the printer.
  • Plug your 123.hp.com/dj3755 printer into a properly grounded outlet. Press the power button and turn on the printer.
  • Wait till the print head moves to the right side of the printer and open the ink cartridge access door. Unwrap the new ink cartridges.
  • Pull off the tape seal found on the cartridge. Do not remove the cartridge label. Lift up the cartridge clamps in the cartridge holder.
  • Insert the cartridges with the label face-up. Press down and lock the cartridge clamps. Close the ink cartridge access door.
  • Slide out the input tray’s extension. Slide out the paper guide and place a stack of paper in between the paper guides and adjust the paper guides.
  • The paper should fit under the arrow mark inside the paper guide. Slide the paper guide against the paper stack, so that it touches the edge of the stack.
  • Insert the setup CD in the drive and open the setup file. Run the setup file and restart the computer when it is prompted, to complete the installation.
  • Search for the printer name in your Windows and open the application. Select the preferred language and location and register the printer online.
  • The driver software will be automatically updated during the Windows update.
  • Connect the USB cord to the USB port of the 123.hp.com/dj3755 printer and the computer. Execute a print job and check the connectivity.
  • You can also set up a wireless connection and then the USB cable can be removed.

Replacing ink cartridges – HP Deskjet 3755 Printer

  • Make sure that your 123.hp.com/dj3755 printer is turned on and it is not printing. Open the cartridge access cover. Pull up the cartridge clamp and lift the cartridge. Slowly uninstall the cartridge from the cartridge holder.
  • Place the old cartridge on a paper towel and then dispose it. Remove the new ink cartridge from the package. Peel off the sealed tape and make sure that you do not remove the label. Insert the ink cartridge into the printer.
  • Lower the cartridge into the cartridge space with the label side up. make sure that you do not press the cartridge. Press the ink cartridge clamp down and lock it in its place. Repeat the same steps to replace another cartridge.
  • When the cartridge is removed, use a damp cloth and clean the copper contacts in the cartridge holder and the print head nozzle. Make sure that there are no ink smears on the print head, as it may affect the print quality.
  • Align the printheads using the printer driver: Search Windows for Printers and select your 123.hp.com/dj3755 printer from the list. Open the properties window and click the Printing Preferences button. Select features and then click Services. Select Align the Printheads.
  • Align the printheads using the Embedded Web Server: Open a web browser and type in the IP address of your printer. The EWS window will open, select the Settings tab and click Device Services. Choose Align printheads from the drop-down and click Run Diagnostic.
  • Once the alignment is completed clean the print heads. Load plain paper in the input tray and press the Setup button, on your printer’s control panel. Select the Tools option and then select Clean Printhead. The printer will immediately clean the printheads.
  • Print a check page to evaluate and diagnose the print quality. On your printer’s control panel, choose the Print Report option and then select Print Quality Page.

123 HP Deskjet 3755 Printer – How to scan

  • Place the file with the print side facing down on the scanner glass. If you scan from your 123.hp.com/dj3755 printer, select the Scan button and you will get a prompt to select the computer name and the scan job type.
  • If you are scanning from the driver then open the HP scan application and then click Scan. Select the paper size option that is corresponding to the page you are scanning. Choose the Scan mode (Color, grayscale or black and white).
  • If you would like to scan more than one page, then select Scan Multiple Images. Preview the scanned file. If you would like to scan the entire page, then click and drag the dotted line border on the preview.
  • If you want you can modify any other settings and then click Scan. If you have selected the option Scan Multiple pages, there will be a prompt asking if you want to continue the scanning.
  • when the scanning is complete you will find a window that will help you change the layout of the document. You can select Auto Detect or Force Single Column to modify the format. When you are done, click Ok.
  • When you are done with all the editing, click Finish. You can now save the file. Saving the Text File window will open, click Save and then choose a file type from the list (Text document, RTF document, HTML, PDF).
  • Enter a name for the scanned file and the extension of the document format will automatically be added to the file name. Select the Browse option and choose the folder that you want to save your file in.
  • Scan to email: Select the Scan menu on your 123.hp.com/dj3755 printer and then select your computer name. Now, choose the option Email as PDF or Email as JPEG. A new email will automatically open once the scan is completed.
123 HP Deskjet3755 Printing blank page issues

Step 1: Update your computer antivirus software
Update the antivirus program that is installed on your computer and then scan for malware.

Step 2: Update the printer firmware
Connect your printer and computer. Go to our website and download the latest firmware for your printer. If the firmware option is not listed, then there are no updates for your printer’s firmware.

Step 3: Uninstall the printer software
Disconnect the USB cable from your 123.hp.com/dj3755 printer. Uninstall the printer software from your control panel. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the software removal process.

Step 4: Reinstall the printer software
Go to our website and download the latest printer driver. Run the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Step 5: Use genuine HP ink cartridges
Make sure that genuine HP supplies are used. As the print quality cannot be guaranteed for non-HP products.

Step 6: Check estimated ink levels
Check the estimated ink level on your printer’s control panel and find out if there are any cartridges that are low on the level of ink.

Step 7: Replace any low or empty ink cartridges
If there is a cartridge that is low on the ink level, then replace that cartridge with a genuine HP ink cartridge. When you reinstall the new cartridge, make sure that it is properly placed inside the cartridge holder.

Step 8: Align the ink cartridges
Open the HP Printer Assistant application and click Maintain Your Printer. Select Align Cartridges and the alignment process will take place. As a result, an alignment page will be printed.

Step 9: Clean the ink cartridges
After removing the ink cartridges from the holder, use a damp cloth and clean the cartridge contact.

Step 10: Print directly to the printer
Open Devices and Printers, right-click your 123.hp.com/dj3755 printer name and then click Printer properties. Select the Advanced tab and then click Apply.


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