123 hp setup driver installation

123 HP Setup Driver Installation

123 hp printer driver installation
Printer Driver Installation

123 HP Setup Driver Installation for your printers.

It is important to download the appropriate driver and software when setting up your printer. Follow our simple set of instructions and get your printer equipped in no time. We offer to download and installation of drivers for Mac and Windows using USB, Wireless or Ethernet.

123 HP Printer Driver Setup and Install

  • A printer driver or processor is a piece of software that converts the information to be printed in a form understandable by the printer.
  • This article is for HP Deskjet, ENVY, LaserJet, OfficeJet, Photosmart, and PSC printers, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP, and HP Printer Assistant, HP Solution Center, or HP Device Toolbox software.

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General installation procedure for Mac users

  1. Connect the printer to your computer. The connection can be established using USB. Wireless enabled printers can be connected using Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

  2. Download the software or driver from our customer support webpage.

  3. Identify and select your printer model and choose the required drive.

    123 HP Setup driver installation

  4. Select between basic drivers and full feature drivers.

  5. Follow the instructions displayed on your screen to setup and install your driver. Procedure for 123 HP Setup Driver Installation

General installation procedure for Windows user

  1. Ensure that your computer automatically downloads the software by making the necessary changes in Change Device Installation Settings.

  2. Connect your printer to the computer using a USB or Wireless.

  3. Installing, updating or re-installing your printer’s driver and software.

  4. Click on Devices and Printers and then Add Printer.

  5. On the drop-down list displayed, select your printer. If your printer was not listed, click on Add a Printer/ Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings depending on the version of Windows used.

  6. Click on Next and then click on Use an existing port.

  7. Select the Windows update tab and wait for the updates to be installed.

  8. Under the Manufacturer tab select HP, Hewlett-Packard, or Hewlett-Packard.

  9. Locate and select your printer and follow the instructions provided on the screen to install your driver.

  10. Click on Next, disconnect and then reconnect your USB cable. Start a print or scan to use your printer.

General installation procedure using USB

  1. Make sure your printer is switched on.

  2. If your computer and printer are connected via USB, disconnect it.

  3. On our customer support page, search for Software and Driver Downloads.

  4. Select your printer model and follow the instructions provided on the screen to download the driver.

  5. Choose between Basic Driver and Full-feature driver and start the download process.

A common issue encountered when downloading via USB is the printer model not being displayed during the installation.

  1. Restart both the printer and computer to resolve minor errors.

  2. Disconnect the USB cable and re-establish the connection after some time.

  3. Connect the USB cable to an alternate USB port on the system.

  4. Change the cable. HP supports cables that are less than 3 meters in length.

  5. Remove other unnecessary USB devices from your computer.

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