123 hp printer problem and solution

123 HP Printer Problem Solution

123 HP Printer Troubleshooting Solutions
HP Troubleshoot Tips

Tips for safe use from 123 HP Printer Problem Solution

Ensure that you follow the safety guidelines given below to have a trouble-free printing experience.

Tips for Safe Use :

  1. General Guidelines

  2. Electrical risk

  3. Heat injuries

  4. Mechanical injuries

  5. Heavy Substrate handling

Other important problems:

  1. Paper Jams

  2. 50.4 error

  3. Print jobs stuck in print queue

Check the Basics : If your printer has suddenly stopped printing, make sure the printer has paper, the unit is plugged in and it’s connected to the computer either by a wired or a wireless connection.

Visit the doctor : HP has created free downloadable tools to solve common printer problems. The most useful one amongst the tools is HP Print and Scan Doctor. This tool automatically performs several troubleshooting tasks that can resolve common issues.

123 HP Printer Problem Solution Support

  • Just like every other machine, printers too require utmost care and maintenance for flawless performance. Though every now and then a tricky problem might rise.
  • A few issues will be specific to laser or inkjet, while a few apply to all types of printers. A few complex problems might also require the expertise of professionals.

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General Guidelines

  1. Read all the instructions carefully after installing your printer.

  2. Do not attempt to service your printer at home. Only trained personnel are equipped to handle servicing

  3. If any of the following occurs, detach your printer from all electrical outlets:

    1. The electrical cord or the plug is damaged

    2. The printer is wet or there is liquid inside the printer.

    3. If the printer starts to smoke or you smell a burn

    4. If there is a blown fuse

    5. During power cuts or rain storms.

Electrical risk

  1. Make sure the printer is connected to the grounding outlet

  2. Do not remove or insert anything into the printer

  3. Do not attempt to service your printer by yourself

Heat injuries

In order to quickly dry your prints, the drying and curing system of the printer functions at high temperatures. To avoid heat injuries take the following precautions.

  1. Do not exceed the voltage limit mentioned on the nameplate

  2. Make sure the power cords are connected to designated lines.

  3. Take care to not spill any liquids on the printer or to insert any objects into the printer.

  4. Avoid the use of aerosols or blocking the openings of the printer

  5. Do not attempt to physically service your computer

Mechanical injuries

  1. Do not touch the printer’s moving parts

  2. Do not wear long bracelets or leave long hair loose while using your printer.

  3. Do not stand near the fans and block air flow. This will affect print quality

Heavy Substrate handling

  1. There is a risk of a back strain or injury while handling

  2. Wear the necessary protective gear when working with heavy substrates

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