123 hp setup envy 5642

123 hp setup Envy4500 setup and install

123 HP Setup Envy 5642 Printer

123 HP Envy 5642 Setup and Install

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123 HP Envy 5642 – Unpacking Printer

123 HP Envy 5642 – Power Cord Preferences

123 HP Envy 5642 – Ink Cartidge Installation

123 HP Envy 5642 – Installing Latest Software Driver

Step 1 : Unpack the Printer

You can mail the scanned photos and documents directly from the control panel home screen of your HP Printer.

  1. Unpack all the packing materials and remove all the tapes around your HP ENVY 5642 Printer

  2. To install the ink cartridges, take off the plastic tapes around the cartridges using the pull tab

  3. When tapes are around the cartridges, your HP printer does not identify that the cartridge has been installed or not

  4. Once the tapes are removed from the cartridges, insert the ink cartridges firmly into its slots

  5. Press the cartridge well enough until it gets fit into its place

  6. Lift the scanner lid and load the paper into the input tray and adjust the paper slides

  7. Connect the power cord to the back of your HP printer and Press the power button to turn on the HP ENVY 5642 Printer

  8. Set the basic preferences such as language, date and time

Step 2: Connect the Power Cord and Adjust your Preferences

  1. Plug the HP Envy 5642 printer power cable into an electrical outlet and switch ON the printer

  2. Connect the one end of the power cord to the rear of the printer, and the other end to the power outlet

  3. Turn on the printer

  4. Press the top of the control panel to view the control panel at an angle

  5. Note: Pressing the top of the control panel

  6. On the printer control panel, press the arrow buttons to select your preferred language and country/region, and then press Confirm

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Step 3: Fix the Ink cartridge

123 HP Envy 5642 Ink Cartridge Installation Setup

The HP Envy 5642 printer is shipped along with four cartridges such as black, cyan, yellow and magenta color ink cartridge. The ink cartridges have to be installed carefully for high quality printing

  1. To install the cartridge, you will have to first take out the ink cartridge that comes along with the printer box

  2. The ink cartridge access door must be raised till it snaps into place

  3. Please wait until the ink cartridge sits idle on your HP Officejet Pro 6970 printer

  4. Remove the plastic tapes around the cartridges using the pull tabs so that the printer would be able to identify that the cartridge is installed into it

  5. Lift up the lid on the ink cartridge slot. Press the ink cartridge by its sides and press it forward into the slot until it snaps

  6. Repeat the above steps to install the other ink cartridge further. Then close the ink cartridge access door once you complete the installation

Step 4: Install the printer Software

To install the HP Printer driver and software via USB, you will have to choose the connection type as USB.

To install the driver and software, you can prefer either CD installation method or the installation can be done directly from HP Website

  1. Turn on the HP printer

  2. If your HP printer is connected to the computer with a USB cable, disconnect the cable from the printer

  3. Go to customer support page to download the latest software and drivers

  4. Choose a method to identify your HP printer model, and then go through the on-screen instructions to go to the download page

  5. Click Download and install the full feature driver and software.

  6. Click here to Go Download Page : https://123hp-setup.com/123-hp-envy4500-software-driver-download/