123 hp officejet8040 eprint setup

123 HP Officejet8040 Wifi protected Setup

123 HP Officejet 8040 ePrint setup

HP Printer- Setting Up and Using HP ePrint.

  • Requirement
  • Activating HP ePrint
  • Setting up HP ePrint

123.hp.com/setup oj8040 ePrint

Requirement for ePrint Setup:

Print using HP ePrint virtually from being anywhere with an active internet connection and an ePrint enabled printer.

Activating HP Officejet 8040 ePrint for Setup and Installation:

Touch the HP ePrint icon if it is available else navigate using Web Services Setup, Network Setup, or Wireless settings to turn on the Web Services.

Setting up HP ePrint for HP Officejet 8040:
  1. Touch the HP ePrint icon on the printer’s home screen and then tap Setup

  2. Print a network configuration or a self-test page to acquire the printer’s IP address

  3. By entering the printer’s IP address on your Internet browser, confirm and accept the web security certificate that summarizes that the printer and computer are on the same network

  4. Tap on Web Services menu that displays the Web Services Summary screen

  1. The Web Services Summary screen appears with the printer’s email address specified on it.

  2. To obtain the printer’s email address click on the Print Info option. email address and Print Info displayed on the Web Services menu

  3. Obtain the printer’s email address and the claim code by printing the Make the most of your printer or Important Printer Setup Instructions page. the printer’s claim code from the information page

  4. If the email id is not listed in the page, use the printer claim code as email id followed by @hpeprint.com. For example, 87ajush35evfl@hpeprint.com is the printer’s email id.

  • Preparing the email and attaching the document or photo to be sent to HP ePrint.

  • Log in to your email account or create a new email to print a document or photo saved on your computer.

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