123 HP Envy 5661 Copy function

123 hp envy 5661copy function

123 HP Envy 5661 Copy Function

Copy a Document in Hp Envy 5661

  1. Select the option ‘Copy’ from the ‘File’ menu in your software.

  2. Select your printer model by checking with the printer model number.

  3. Choose the suitable properties for your page setup.

Note: If options are not displayed under the ‘Copy’ tab, click on ‘Show Details’

One-Sided Original to One-Sided Copy

123.hp.com/setup envy copy function

  1. Insert enough paper in the input tray.

  2. Raise the lid of the printer.

  3. The original should be loaded with the print side down in the front corner on the right side of the scanner glass.

  4. Seal the lid.

  5. To start the print job you can either press Start Copy Black or Start Copy Color .

The number of copies can be increased by pressing the button multiple times. The maximum number of copies that can be taken at a time is 9.

Printing Two-Sided Copy

  1. Load the paper with the print side down in the centre of the main input tray.Ensure that the stack of paper is loaded well inside the printer and does not cross the higher line marking in the tray.

  2. Before re inserting the tray adjust the paper width guide lines in the tray until they touch the edge of the paper stack. Note: To insert legal-size paper, the blue latch at the bottom left of the input tray has to be pressed and the tray should be fully extended.

  3. Drag out the output tray extension until the desired paper size is achieved.

  4. If you intend to copy a photo, use the scanner glass and place it face down. If the photo is placed in the document feeder there are higher chances of the photo being ruined.

  5. Insert the original in the document feeder with the print side up until you hear a tone or see a message on the display that confirms that the loaded pages were acknowledged.
    Note: The printer document feeder of only a few models supports the scanning of 2 sided documents on A4, Letter or legal-size paper.

  6. In the printer control panel display, select Copy.

  7. Choose the number of copies by scrolling up or down.

  8. Touch 2-sided and then touch the intended option.

  9. To start the copy job touch either Black or Colour.